The book called Basic Hindu I, by Dr. Rajiv Ranjan, gave me a scaffolding to start writing this book. Dr. Ranjan is a tech wizard and he has guided me through the H5P program to develop learning activities that provide immediate and constructive feedback.

Dr. Ranjan and Danielle Steider, Coordinator of Less Commonly Taught Languages Program, have helped me build the structure of the book including clear learning outcomes, so that learners come to a common understanding about the purpose and goals of each chapter; a review of previous chapters that provides a smooth transition to the next one; and a review of the vocabulary, grammar points, and cultural notes.

Danielle has carefully examined all the grammar points of each chapter to make sure they are presented in a meaningful context that fits the learning objective and learner’s level. Danielle also helped to think of additional learning activities, providing more opportunities for the student to practice what they have learned.

Dr. Ranjan and Danielle Steider have been supportive during the entire development process of this textbook. Their expertise have shaped the knowledge I put into this book, and it has become an indispensable resource for both independent learners and students taking courses in Cambodian/Khmer.


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