3.5 Conversation: How many siblings do you have?

The Classifier “Neak”

The classifier Neak is used for people. However, when Muay (one/a) is used with a classifier, it is contracted to M’neak.


Khnhom mian koon-bproh bpii neak. “I have two sons.”

Compare with:

Koat mian koon-bproh m’neak. “He has a son.”

1. Listening

  • Listen to Vathanak who is describing his siblings. After listening, answer the following questions.


  • Listen to Vathanak’s friend Sophiap, who is talking about his siblings, and then compare his siblings to Vathanak’s siblings.


  • After listening to Sophiap’s description, answer the following questions:

2. Speaking

After listening to Sophiap and Vathanak, tell us about your siblings and share it with your friends/teacher for further feedback.



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