2.4 Negative Formers: ɔt…dtee” and “mən…dtee”

The negative former ɔt…dtee” and “mən…dtee” are used interchangeably. ɔt or mən are placed before the main verb and “dtee” is placed at the end of the statement. However, “Dtee” is optional and is omitted in spoken language.


  • khnhom ɔt mook bpii bprɔɔ-dteh thai dtee. “I do not come from Thailand.”
  • Koat ɔt bɔng-rian pia-saa Khmer dtee. “He does not teach Khmer.”

However, when jia “to be” is the main verb of the sentence, the negative mən or ɔt is replaced with mən-meen.


  • Koat mən-meen jia kru-bɔng-rian dtee. “He is not a teacher.”
  • Khnhom mən-meen jia kru-bpeet dtee. “I am not a doctor.”

1. Listening

Listen to the conversation between Sokha (A) and John (B) and say what John felt sorry about.

2. Reading

Read the conversation again and choose the correct responses.



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