5.5 Numbers 100–1,000,000

In the previous chapters, we learned the numbers 1–100. The following table shows the number from 100 to 1 million. Listen to the audio below to learn how to pronounce the numbers 100 through 1 million.

Two hundred onward is formed by bpii+rooy, bey+rooy, and so on.

Table 1: 100–1,000,000
IPA Khmer numeral Khmer English
1. muay-rooy ១០០ មួយរយ one hundred
2. muay -bpoan ១.០០០ មួយពាន់ one thousand
4. muay- məən ១០.០០០ មួយមុឺន ten thousand
5. muay- saen ១០០.០០០ មួយសែន one hundred thousand
6. muay- lian ១.០០០.០០០ មួយលាន one million


Years are expressed by the pattern Chnam (year)+Number.


2021 “Chnam bpii-bpoan m’phey-muay.”

1940 “Chnam muay-bpoan bpram-buan-rooy sae-seb.

Test Yourself

Match the number with the Cambodian figures below.





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