2.2 Conversation: I am a teacher.

Simple Statements with  Jia “to be”

Like English, the basic word order of a simple sentence with Jia “to be” consists of subject+to be+object.


  • Khnhom jia kruu-bpeet. “I am a doctor”.
  • Koat jia kruu-bɔng-rian. “He is a teacher.”

1. Listening

Listen to the following conversations and then spot the differences in the following conversations.

 Conversation 1

Conversation 2


2. Speaking

Watch both conversations again and then merge the conversations where possible to create your own conversation. Record the conversation created and share it with your friends/teacher for further feedback.

3. Listening

Listen and compare your conversation created with the following conversation.

After listening, complete the conversation using the words provided.






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