2.7 Tell us more about yourself.

1. Writing and Speaking

Write something about the following people using the information provided in Table 1 below.

Table 1
No. Chmuah


Jon-jiat [1]









1 Francesco ii-dtaa-lii ii-dtaa-lii kruu-bpeet maa-lee-sii
Example 1 Francesco mook bpii bprɔɔ-dteh ii-dtaa-lii. Koat jia jon-jiat ii-dtaa-lii. Koat jia kruu-bpeet. Koat tvəə-kaa nouw maa-lee-sii.

Francesco is from Italy. He is Italian. He is a doctor. He works in Malaysia.

2 Jasmine in-dia in-dia kruu-bɔng-rian thai
3 Andrew bpree-sil bpree-sil ni-sət aa-mee-rik
4 John ɔng-lee ɔng-lee kruu-bpeet kam-bpu-jia

Then record yourself answering the following questions and share it with your friends/teacher for further feedback.

Question: Neak chmuah ey? Neak jia jon-jiat ey? Neak mook bpii bprɔɔ
-dteh naa?
Naek tvəə-kaa ey? Neak tvəə-kaa nouw [2] naa?



[1] The word Jon-jiat “Nationality” is placed in front of the country and it is often omitted in spoken language. For example: jon-jiat kaa-naa-daa “Canadian”.

[2] Nouw “at” is placed before Naa when asking about the location. For example: saa-laa neak nouw naa? “Where is your school?”



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