3.4 Family Relationships

1. Reading and Writing

  • Read through the list of vocabulary related to family (See Figure 1).
  • Put the words on the arrows to show the relationships between the members of the family. An example (bprɔɔ-bpon= Wife) is provided.
Family tree. Arrows of relationships point between father and his brother, parents and their three children (2 boys, one girl), and between the children. An already labeled arrow is between the father and mother.
The same family tree is copied again, except arrows go both directions between the uncle and a nephew, and from the husband to his wife.

Figure 1:

Jii-dtaa : Grandfather

Jii-doon : Grandmother

Koon-srey : Daughter

Koon-bproh : Son

Koon-srey-bpouw : Youngest daughter

Koon-srey-jbɔɔng : Oldest daughter

Bɔɔng-srey : Older sister

Bɔɔng-bproh: Older brother

P’oon-bproh : Younger brother

P’oon-srey: Younger sister

Bprɔɔ-bpon : Wife

Bdey: Husband

Bpuu : Uncle

Ming : Aunt

Kmuay-srey: Niece

Kumay-bproh: Nephew

Bɔɔng-p’oon jii-doon-muay: Cousin

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