6.2 Time Expressions

In Cambodian, verbs are not conjugated to indicate past or future. Time expressions such as M’səl-menh “Yesterday” and S’aek  “Tomorrow” are used to indicate tenses. Another way to express past or future tense is to add “Mun” or “Kraoy“.



Aa-dtet-mun= last week

Khae-mun= last month

Chnam-mun= last year


Aa-dtet-kraoy = next week

Khae-kraoy = next month

Chnam-kraoy = next year

Test Yourself

Match English words to Khmer words:

Past Expressions

We will be discussing the future tense and the related expressions in a future chapter.

1. Listening

Listen to one of the Khmer pop songs by Sinn Sisamouth.

After the listening, tell how many times of following words you can hear.
1. M’səl-menh=Yesterday
2. T’ngai-mun=Last time






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