7.6 “Used to” + Infinitive

We use ធ្លាប់ “used to” to talk about habits or repeated actions in the past which we don’t do in the present. We also use it to talk about states in the past which are no longer true. The word ធ្លាប់ is placed in front of the main verb.


  • Khnhom thloab pək dtae. “I used to drink tea.”
  • Khnhom thloab dam daəm jeek. “I used to plant banana trees.”

 Tell us what you used to do in the past.

Read and complete the following sentences, and then compare with your friends. Do you and your friends have anything in common?

១. Nouw vi-jia-lai khnhom thloab…

២. Khnhom thloab…bpon-dtae khnhom mən tvəə via dtiat dtee.

៣. Bpeel khnhom nouw dtooch khnhom thloab…

៤. Roal t’ngai aa-dtet khnhom nəng bɔɔng-srey khnhom thloab…

1. Reading

Read the conversation between Sothy (A) and Seymaa (B) about childhood memories. What were their childhood memories?

A: Nih jia ruub-tɔɔt bpeel Seymaa nouw dtooch meen-dtee?

B: Jaa! nih jia bɔɔng-bproh khnhom. Khnhom nəng bɔng-bproh khnhom thloab leeng klaeng bpeel yəəng nouw dtooch.

A: Meen-reu?

B: Jaa! roal bprək yəəng baan dtouw leeng klaeng nouw suan-jbaa.

A: Sa-baay nas meen-dtee?

B: Jaa! joh Sothy jool-jet tvəə ey bpeel nouw dtooch.

A: Khnhom jool-jet leeng sey bpeel khnhom nouw dtooch bpon-dtae bɔɔng-srey khnhom mən jool-jet via dtee.

Answer the following true/false questions.



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