4.8 The Combination of Consonants and Vowels

Generate Sentences in the Combination of C, CC, CV and CVC​.

Read through the list of vocabulary you have learned and then write possible sentences using the vocabulary in the worksheet provided.

Worksheet 1

Please note that as long as the sentence makes some sort of sense, the grammatical point does not matter. It might not make sense in English but it does in Khmer.


  • តាចតកង់ = Grandfather parks a bicycle.
  • ភេខាំដៃ= Otter bites hand.

Test Yourself:

Writing some of following brands in Khmer scripts and share it with your friends/teacher for further feedback.

iPad Samsung Coca-Cola
iPad lying on wood surface Samsung phone held in hand; back is visible can of Coca-Cola
_________________ _________________ _________________



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