7.2 Conversation: I want to be a teacher too.

Culture Differences in Cambodia

Is it rude that you ask someone in Cambodia about their job and how much they earn? To find out, please watch the video below.

I want to be a teacher.
Unlike English, Cambodian does not have the infinitive form of “To”. The base verb form is used after the main verb.


  • Khnhom jɔng pək dtək. “I want to drink water.”
  • Khnhom jɔng tvəə-jia kruu-bpeet. “I want to be a teacher.”

1. Listening

Listen to a group of students telling their teacher about what they want to do in the future and then arrange the following sentences.

The Word Daer “too/as well” in Khmer

The word Daer “too/as well” is placed at the end of a sentence.


  •  Khnhom bɔng-rian pia-saa Khmer daer. “I  teach Khmer, too.”
  •  Khnhom pək sraa daer. “I drink wine, too.”

2. Listening

Listen to the conversation between Thida and her friends and then answer the true/false questions.



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