6.3 Conversation: I taught Khmer in the U.S.

Past Tense

To express a past-tense action, the particle Baan “បាន” is placed in front of the main verb. However, the particle is often omitted when the context is clear or the past expressions are introduced in the sentence.
Khnhom baan rian pia-saa Khmer chnam mun. “I learned Khmer last year.”
Khnhom baan pək dtae m’səl menh. “I drunk tea yesterday.”

1. Reading

Form past statements. Rearrange the sentences in the correct order.



Niang baan rian pia-saa Khmer.



2. Reading ​

Complete the conversation between Rebecca (A) and her friend, Sinaa (B). Use the expressions provided.


Then answer the true/false questions.



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