5.4 Vowel Symbols: ៀ/ ឿ/ េះ/ ោះ

Vowel Symbols with Phonetic Scripts:

The vowel symbols listed in Table 1 are placed around the consonants. The first two vowel symbols have long sounds and the latter two have short sounds.

Use the audio and Table 1 below to learn how to pronounce the vowel symbols.


Table 1
No. Vowel Symbol Phonetic Script Rhymes With Example
1 ៀ (long sound) /ɪa/ ear បៀរ (beer)
2 ឿ (long sound) /oeur/ __ តឿ (to believe)
3 េះ (short sound) /eh/ best សេះ (house)
4 ោះ (short sound) /ɔh/ boss កោះ (island)

1. Speaking

Please record yourself reading the vowels out loud and share it with your friends/teacher​​ for further feedback.


2. Writing

Download the worksheet below to practice writing vowels by following the directional arrows, then read each vowel out loud.

Worksheet 1

3. Reading

Drag the words into the correct order to make complete and meaningful sentences .






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