4.7 Vowel Symbols: ី/​ ី/ ​ឹ/ ​ឺ

Vowel Symbols with Phonetic Scripts.

The vowel symbols listed in Table 1 are placed on top of the consonants.

Use the audio and Table 1 below to learn how to pronounce the vowel symbols.

Table 1
No. Vowel symbol Phonetic script Rhyme with Example
1 ិ (short sound) /e/ Set លិច (west)
2 ី (short sound) /ey/ They (with short vowel sound) បី (three)
3 ឹ (short sound) /ə/ Ago ខឹង (be angry)
4 ឺ (long sound) /əə/ ​​​Burble បឺត (to suck water)

1. Writing and Speaking



2. Writing​

Practice writing the vowels following the arrow signs and the numbers and read each vowel out loud. Please download the worksheet below to practice writing vowels.

Worksheet 1


In the following audio clip, one of the four words will be read out loud three times. Mark the word you will hear.





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