2.5 Study Abroad

Formal Conversation: Study Abroad

Jen is a Hindi student at one of the universities in America and planning to go to India for three months to learn Hindi. In India, she is going to stay with a host family. She is planning to send her host family a video introducing herself. Before she makes the video, she wrote her script.

Vocabulary 4 and Reading

Hindi Transliteration English
प्रिय adj. priye Dear
मेज़बान adj. mezabaan Host
परिवार n.m. pariwaar Family
बाईस adj. baaiis twenty two
साल n.m. saal year
विश्वविद्यालय n.m. vishwa-vidyaalay University
छात्रा n.f. chhaatraa Student (female)
मेरा adj. meraa My
मेजर n.m. major Major
संगीत n.m. sangiit Music
राज्य n.m. raajy State
मगर conj. magar But
रहना v.it. rahanaa To live
लोग n.m. log People
मिलना v.it. milanaa To meet
x के लिए pp. X ke liye For X
बहुत adj. & adv. bahut Very
उत्साहित adj. utsaahit Excited
आपकी adj. aapakii Yours
अतिथी n.m. atithii Guest

प्रिय मेज़बान परिवार,


मेरा नाम जेन है| मैं बाईस साल की हूँ| मैं एक विश्वविद्यालय में छात्रा हूँ| मेरा मेजर संगीत है| मैं अमेरिका के विस्कॉन्सिन राज्य से हूँ, मगर, मैं न्यु-यॉर्क में रहती हूँ| मेरा फ़ोन नंबर 555-xxx-xxxx है| मेरा ई.मेल एड्रेस jen@gmail.com है| 

मैं आप लोगों से मिलने के लिए बहुत उत्साहित हूँ|

आपकी अतिथी


Test Yourself

Question Answer

Based on the above reading about Jen. Please answer the following questions.


Imagine that you are meeting someone new either on social media or face-to-face. Please introduce yourself and end by saying “Nice to meet you, bye.” You can record yourself and share this with your friends/teacher and also on social media.

धन्यवाद !


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