3.9 Cultural Notes and Extra/Optional Online Materials

Cultural Notes

Topic Explanation
1. श्री and श्रीमती In Hindi we use श्री shree for Mr, and श्रीमती shreematii for Mrs.

For example:

  • श्री पंकज सिंह – Mr. Pankaj Singh.
  • श्रीमती पूजा सिंह – Mrs. Puja Singh
2 Family Traditionally in India, a family consists of दादा-दादी Grand-parents), माँ-पिता (patents), भाई-बहन (brother-sister), चाचा-चाची (uncle-aunt), बुआ (father’s sister), चचेरे भाई-बहन (cousins).
3 Decision making Traditionally in India, male members of the family make all the decisions. However, as women are becoming more empowered, it is not unusual to see their participation in decision making these days.
4 After marriage After marriage, bride goes to groom’s family. She has to stay with his family. It is considered bad if bride demands to live separately specially in the same village/city.
5 You gained weight. “You gained weight” is considered an insult in America. But, it can be considered as a compliment in India. It simply means that you have been eating well and taking care of yourself. It is also a sign of your financial well-being.

Extra/Optional Online Materials



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