7.10 Cultural Notes and Extra/Optional Online Materials

Cultural Notes

Topics Explanation
1. Food habits In Hindi, there is no separate words for lunch and dinner. खाना “food” is used for both lunch and dinner. Typically, for both lunch and dinner, people eat full meal.
2. चाय चाय is one of the drink that Indian love to drink in the morning and in the evening  with snacks. Additionally, चाय is served in office often and it is a drink for a break between work/study.
3. क्या चल रहा है ? क्या चल रहा है ? Literally, it means “what is moving?” But this is used to express “What’s up?” or “What is going on?”
4. Folk tales Each Indian festival has some sort of folk tale behind it. Mostly, it is based on religion. For example, diwali is celebrated because, it is assumed that Lord Ram returned to Ayodhya with his wife Sita and brother Lakshaman after killing the devil king Rawan. To be culturally appropriate, you should learn the folk tales behind each festivals Indian celebrates.
5. School and Office hours. In America, people generally go to work at 8 AM. In  India and South Asia, the office starts at 10 AM. This gives enough time in the morning for morning rituals such as yoga, making break-fast, eating breakfast, and packing lunch.
6. Daily Routine When you ask about daily routine to Indian and South Asian, they may just talk about their work/study. They may say how long they work and study.

Extra/Optional Online Materials

History of Chai:

Indian Mom Daily Routine:

Holi’s Folk Tale:

दशहरा की कहानी:

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