6.8 Objects with کو and سے

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In the previous chapter, we learned that the post-position کو is used with the subject (a) when the subject is not an active doer of an action, but an experiencer; (b) to express internal feelings and sensation; (c) with the words like چاہئیے “need”, لگنا “feel”, آنا “know how to”, معلوم “aware”, etc.

For example:

  • -احمد کو ایک کتاب چاہئیے “Ahmad needs a book.”
  • -مجھے بخار ہے “I have a fever.”
  • -اسے لگتا ہے کہ آج بارش ہوگی “He feels that it will rain today.”
  • -مجھے کھانا بنانا آتا ہے “I know how to cook food.”
  • -سب کو معلوم ہے کہ ہم دوست ہیں “Everyone knows that we are friends.”

Uses of Post-Position کو

(a) With an inanimate definite object (not with inanimate indefinite object). Typically, the object with کو also needs demonstrative pronouns such as یہ “this”, وہ “that”, etc. in the oblique form as they are followed by post-position کو.

For example:

  • -اس کتاب کو پڑھئیے “Please read this book.”
  • -ان چیزوں کو مت چھئیے “Please do not touch these things.”
  • -ان تھالیوں کو دھوئیے “Please wash those plates”
  • -اس قلم کو خریدئیے “Please buy that pen.”

(b) With an animate direct object.

For example:

  • -جانوروں کو مت مارو “Do not kill animals.”
  • -جان نے میری کوچوما “John kissed Mary.”
  • -بچوں کو مت پیٹو “Do not beat the children.”

(c) With an indirect object.

  • -بچوں کو مٹھایاں دیجئے “Please give sweets to the children.”
  • -اپنی امی کو خط لکھو “Write a letter to your mother.”
  • -دوستوں کو تحفہ بھیجو “Send gifts to friends.”
  • -طلباء کو کام دو “Give work to students.”


(a) Post-position سے is used with objects of the verbs for speaking, telling, etc.

For example:

  • -مجھ سے گفتگو کیجئے “Please talk to me.”
  • -استاد سے سوال پوچھئے “Please ask a question to the teacher.”
  • -طلباء سے کہئے کہ مجھ سے اردو میں گفتگو کریں “Please ask students to talk to me in Urdu.”
  • -اس نے مجھ سے اردو میں بولا کہ میں ایک اچھا آدمی ہوں “He said to me in Urdu that I am a good man.”

(b) Postposition سے is used with an object of verbs that require an instrument: an equal active participant of an action.

  • -میرے بھائی سے ملئے “Please meet my brother.”
  • -امی بچوں سے محبت/پیار کرتی ہیں “Mother loves children.”
  • -میں آپ سے محبت کرتا ہوں “I love you.”




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