4.8 There Construction

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English is not a pro-drop language, in other words, you cannot have an English sentence in which the subject is not available. This is why, we need “dummy” subjects like ‘there’ and ‘it’ in English.

For example:

  • There is a car.
  • There are ten students.

Unlike English, Urdu is a pro-drop language, hence subject can be dropped or is not needed in “there” or “it” sentences. In these sentences, the verb agrees with the object.

For Example:

In my town, there is a museum. English .1
My town in + (there) + a museum + is Urdu Word order
میرے شہر میں (——) ایک عجیب خانہ/گھر ہے- Urdu
In my room, there are ten books. English .2
My room in + (there) + ten books + are Urdu Word order
میرے کمرے میں (——) دس کتابیں ہیں- Urdu
There is a computer on my desk. English .3
My desk on + (there) + a computer + is Urdu Word order
میری میز پر (——) ایک کمپیوٹر ہے- Urdu


Using “there construction”, please form five sentences for describing the places given below.

Chapter 4.8 There sentences



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