5.7 Weekend assignment 5: what do you do in special holidays?


There is a whole world of Arabic-dubbed movies especially Disney movies. Experiment searching for these on YouTube. Type ديزني بالعربي  and you will find a lot even full movies. Many are dubbed in Egyptian Arabic like this song.

Additional resources for keeping up with Arabic :

There are channels for Arabic fairy tales like Cinderella and lion king and many others:

channel 1

channel 2

There is a collection here for these in children books

Arabic fairy tales

Also check out some collected resources that we put together on my page here:

Arabic resources

I encourage you to keep Arabic in your ears even if you are not paying attention :

1)You can check Aljazeera news channel or BBC Arabic or CNN arabic websites for streaming or video news

2)Search Youtube for “Egyptian Movies with English subtitles” or “Arabic movies with subtitles ”  . Even if you are not paying attention, you will be able to pick up a lot. 


Writing prompt:

ماذا تفعلون في عيد الشكر؟ ماذا تفعلون في الكريسماس؟

What do you like to do in Thanksgiving, Christmas? What do your family members and friends like to do?


Talk in some details about types of possible activities that you, your family members and friends like to do in vacation , holidays, thanksgiving, and Christmas. Where do you like to go, play, watch, eat etc.

Use as many verbs and a variety of vocabulary as you can. You can use some helping vocabulary:

 Vacation/holiday أجازة
weekend نهِاية الأسبوع
I go out أخرُج
I rest أستريح
sometimes أحياناً
Always دائماً
A lot كثيراً
turkey ديك رومي
potatoes بطاطِس
beans فاصوليا
I cook أطبُخ
I stay up late أسهَر
After that بعد ذَلِك
I celebrate أحتَفِل
I buy أشتري
gift/s هَدِيّة – هدايا
thanksgiving عِيد الشُّكر


Target : 60-70 words or more.



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