Weekend assignment 1

Watch this song by Lebanese Nancy Agram. She is singing to Egypt.

A repeated phrase in the song :

أنا مصري وأبويا مصري  I am Egyptian and my father is Egyptian.


Speaking : Tell me about yourself

Using old and new vocabulary , present information about yourself extending to family members and friends. You can use the following guide.

My name __________. I am___________(nationality). I am from___________(city) in______________(state) and I live in _________________(city) . I am a student at Michigan State University. I study_______. I work in _______/ do not work. 

My father, his name is_________. He is ……(nationality) He works in _________

My mother, her name is _______She is ……(nationality) She works in ________. I have_____________(brother/sister). My brother/sister lives in ———– and works ————–

My friend, his/her name . He/she studies ——————- and lives ——–, and works/does not work in ————–

Your task 

1-Collect all the vocabulary you will need to complete this narrative.

2-Draft the sentences in your notebook taking care of spelling and structure.

3-Rehearse several times until you can almost say them from memory.

4-Record your narrative in audio  and submit to the Dropbox

5-Keep what have written handy so we can recall them easily in class when needed.



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