3.1 Vocabulary: past tense verbs

In this section

  • You will practice new vocabulary and use them in conversation with classmates.
  • You will then test yourself in vocabulary activities.

Vocabulary (1)

Listen to new vocabulary and repeat as you follow along in the list of words underneath. Listen as many times for fluency.

English Arabic English Arabic
I enjoyed استمتعتُ بـ I was born وُلِدْتُ
I was able استطعتُ I was raised نَشأتُ
I was late تأخرتُ I moved to انتقلتُ إلى
I ran جريتُ I traveled سافرتُ
quickly بِسُرعة I entered دخلتُ
I rode ركِبتُ I joined (college) اِلْتحقتُ بـ
I arrived at وَصَلْتُ إلى I studied دَرَسْتُ
I returned عُدتُ = رجَعتُ I succeeded نَجَحتُ
I lived عِشتُ I graduated تَخرّجتُ
I visited زُرتُ I went out خَرَجْتُ
I slept نِمتُ I started بَدَأْتُ
I obtained حَصَلتُ على I sat down جَلَستُ
I became أصبحتُ I met قابلتُ
Job وظيفة I spoke with تكلمتُ مع
Salary مُرتّب I woke up صحوتُ= استيقظتُ
Scholarship مِنحة I drank شربتُ
I got to know تعرّفتُ على I ate أكلتُ
I loved أحبَبْتُ I worked عملتُ
Romantic relationship علاقة عاطِفية I wrote كتبتُ
I stayed up سَهِرتُ I read قرأتُ
Entertaining مُمتِع /مُمتِعة I watched شاهدتُ
Boring مُمِل / مُمِلّة I listened to استمعتُ إلى
I understood فهِمتُ

Activity (1): Vocabulary in use. Review the new vocabulary with your classmates through the following module.



Key Takeaways

  • Most of the vocabulary here is in the past tense. Move on to the next section to learn about past tense grammar.


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