2.1 Vocabulary on family

In this section

  • I can introduce my extended family in Arabic and distinguish between the paternal and maternal terms.
  • I can ask and answer and engage in conversation around family members.


Listen to new vocabulary related to family in the following recording and repeat as you follow along in the list of words underneath. Listen as many times for fluency.

Study the following vocabulary list on family terms.

English Arabic
Family (nuclear) أُسرة
Family (extended) عائِلة
My grandfather جَدّي
My grandmother جدّتي
My paternal uncle عمّي
My paternal aunt عمّتي
Son of my paternal uncle ابن عمِّي
Son of my paternal aunt ابن عمِّتي
Daughter of paternal uncle بنت عمّي
Daughter of paternal aunt بنت عمّتي
My maternal uncle خالي
My maternal aunt خالتي
Son of my maternal uncle ابن خالي
Son of my maternal aunt ابن خالْتي
Daughter of my maternal uncle بنت خالي
Daughter of my maternal aunt بنت خالْتي
Married ُمُتزوّج /مُتزوّجة
Husband زَوج
Wife زَوجة
Single man أًعْزب
Single woman آنِسة
Picture صورة
Always دائماً

Sometimes أحياناً
Busy مَشغول/ مشغولة
Lonely وَحيد/ وحيدة
Specialized مُتخصّص/ مُتخصصة
At daytime في النّهار
At night في الليل

Now Watch the video and identify the family vocabulary



Key Takeaways

  • You can now distinguish between relatives from the father and mother sides.
  • You can see that the word “cousin” has eight equivalents in Arabic.



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