5.5 Weekend Assignment 5

In this section:

  • You will submit an assignment to review Lesson 5.

As we wrap up letters and sounds, you can still explore more resources on writing and connecting letters. Below is a channel where Maha, a Youtuber, summarizes it in her own way through six lessons. 


This Weekend

Watch this Franco-Arab (Inshallah: God willing) song by a Tunisian singer (Latifa). It is subtitled. 

Typing in Arabic

Now we will explore how to do our first typing in Arabic. You can type on PC, Mac, or smartphone. There are also online keyboards that pop up on the screen for you to use. There are also keyboard stickers you can buy for your keyboard. Try adding the Arabic keyboard to your smartphone to discover the fun of it. Do a web search about how to add the Arabic keyboard on your device.

Your Task 

Remember the sentences you made for your mini-presentation last week. This time, try to type them in Arabic script. Below are some of the prompts from last week.

  1. My name _____.
  2. I am from _____.
  3. I live in _____.
  4. I am a student at _____.
  5. I have a brother/sister, his name/her name, or I do not have one.
  6. I have a cat/dog or I don’t have.
  7. I have a car or I don’t have.
  8. I like/I do not like _____.

Please do not use online translators and copy/paste. Typos are fine because it is only for practice. The point of the assignment is to look at how the letters get connected together automatically. Explore the Arabic keyboard and submit your typing to your teacher.


Key Takeaways

  • You are now ready to enhance your typing skills in Arabic.


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