1.3 Vocabulary and Speaking: Introducing Each Other

In this section:

  • You will learn new words and expressions that will help you start a conversation in spoken Arabic.
  • You will be aware of the sociolinguistic varieties in using Arabic.

Vocabulary (1)

Learn these new words in Egyptian Arabic that relate to greetings and introductions. Listen and repeat many times for fluency.

English Transcription Arabic English Transcription Arabic
welcome ahlan wa sahlan أهلاً وسهلاً I ana أنا
nice to meet you tasharafna تشرفنا you (m.) inta إنتَ
how are you (m) izzayak إزيّك you (f.) inti إنتي
how are you (f.) izzayik إزيِّك he huwwa هو
good (m.) kuwayyes كويس she heyya هي
good (f.) kuwayyesa كويسة my name ismi اسمي
what? eeh? إيه your (m.) name ismak اسمَك
from where? menein? مِنين your (f.) name ismik اسمِك
where? fein? فين his name ismu اسمه
thank you shukran شكراً her name ismaha اسمها
you are welcome 'afwan عفواً yes na'am/aywa نعم /أيوة
goodbye ma'assalama مع السلامة no laa لا
I have 'indi عندي


Activity (3): Read and listen to this sample dialogue, then practice with your classmates.

two people greeting each other

English Transcription Arabic Speaker
peace be upon you Assalaamu 'alaykum السلام عليكم A
and peace be upon you Wa 'alaykumussalaam وعليكم السلام B
how are you? Izzayak (m.) / Izzayik(f.) إزيّك /إزيِّك؟ A
I am good, thanks God, and you? Ana Kuwayyes (m.)/ kuwayyesa (f.) AlHamdu Lillah, wenta (m.) / wenti (f.)? أنا كويس / كويسة الحمد لله .. وإنتَ/إنتي؟ B
I am good, thanks God Ana Kuwayyes (m.)/ Kuwayyesa (f.) AlHamdu Lillah. أنا كويس / كويسة الحمد لله
What is your name? Ismak (m.) / ismik (f.) eih? اسمَك/اسمِك إيه؟ A
My name is .............., and you? ismi ………….., wenta (m.) / wenti (f.)? اسمي ــــــــــــــ وإنتَ /إنتِ؟ B
My name is ............. ismi ـــــــــــــــــــ اسمي ــــــــــــــ A
where are you from? Inta (m.) / Inti (f.) menein ? إنتَ/إنتي منين؟ B
I am from the city of ......... in ............., and you? Ana min madinat ………. fee ………… , wenta (m.)/ wenti (f.)? أنا من مدينة ــــــــــــ في ـــــــــــــــ وإنتَ/إنتي؟ A
I am from the city of ....... in .......... Ana min madinat ………. fee ………… أنا من مدينة ــــــــــــ في ــــــــــــــــ وإنتَ/إنتي؟ B
nice to meet you Ahlan wa sahlan, tasharfna أهلاً وسهلاً ...تشرفنا A
nice to you meet you too Ahlan biik (m.)/ biiki (f.) أهلاً بيك/بيكي B


HaDritak/HaDritik/ HaDaratkum حضرتَك / حضرتِك / حضراتكم

  • حضرتَك is used to show respect when we speak to a male who we do not know well yet.
  • حضرتِك is used to show respect when we speak to a female who we do not know well yet.
  • These are more common in spoken Arabic rather than standard Arabic.
  • These are more commonly used when there is a difference in age, prestige, or position

Activity (6): Practice the following dialogue with your classmates while filling the gaps. Record in the box below.

Sami : Ahlan wa Sahlan

Mona: Ahlan biik

Sami : Ismi Sami, wa ism HaDritik?

Mona : __________________________

Sami : Tasharrafna, HaDritik menein

Mona : _______________ Elqahirah

Sami : Ahlan wa sahlan

Mona : wa HaDritak ?

Sami: Ana min eskindiriyya

Mona : _______________________

Sami : Ahlan biiki


Key Takeaways

  • You can hold a mini-conversation with your classmates to get to know each other.


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