4.3 Grammar and Reading: Using Adjectives

In this section:

  • You will learn about nouns and adjectives and practice using them.
  • You will create and use sentences with embedded noun-adjective phrases.

Vocabulary (2)

Learn the vocabulary for colors. Listen, read, and repeat.

Meaning Transcription Color (f.) Transcription Color (m.)
white BayDaa' بيضاء AbyaD أبيض
black sawdaa' سوداء aswad أسود
green khaDraa' خضراء akhDar أخضر
red Hamraa' حمراء Hamraa' أحمر
yellow Safraa' صفراء Asfar أصفر
blue zarqaa' زرقاء Azraq أزرق
brown bunniyah بنية bunni بني
orange burtuqaliyaa برتقالية burtuqaali برتقالي
grey ramadiyyah رمادية ramadi رمادي
purple banafsajiyya بنفسجية banafaji بنفسجي


Noun-Adjective Structure

As you may have noticed during your study of Arabic so far, nouns come before adjectives and they must agree together in number and gender. Study the following examples:


سَيّارة كبيرة

Syyara kabiira


بَيت كبير

Bayt kabiir

مَكْتبة صغيرة

Maktaba Saghiira

مَكتب صغير

Maktab Saghiir

أستاذة جديدة

ustaatha jadiida

أستاذ جديد

ustaath jadiid

وردة جميلة

Warda jamiila

مطعم جميل

maTCam jamiil

شجرة خضراء

Shajara khaDraa

شاي أخضر

Shay AkhDar

طاولة صفراء

Tawila Safraa

دولاب أصفر

Doulaab aSfar

بنت لطيفة

Bint LaTiifa

ولد لطيف

Walad LaTiif

As you can see, adjectives change according to masculine or feminine nouns. The typical ending for a feminine noun is  ة – ـة , but some nouns are inherently feminine with no masculine counterpart and vice versa. The case with colors is an exception, as they have certain other forms for feminine, as you see in the vocabulary table.


Activity (13): Read with your classmates and listen to check your pronunciation. Record yourself reading the sentences.

reading sentences

Key Takeaways

  • Move on to the next lesson to continue working on your sentences.


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