4.4 Weekend Assignment 4: Tell Me About Yourself

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  • You will submit an assignment to review Lesson 4.

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Task 4
Mini Presentation

You have made good progress in vocabulary and structure and have many tools to create sentences. Today, you will recap what you can say about yourself, your family, your city, place, house, or room. Review old and new vocabulary to be able to create a mini-presentation about yourself in coherent sentences covering some of the following prompts:

  1. My name is _____.
  2. I am from _____.
  3. I live in _____.
  4. I am a student at _____ and I study _____.
  5. I have a brother/sister, his name/her name, or I do not have one.
  6. Something about a family member.
  7. Something about your best friend.
  8. I have a cat/dog (if applicable).
  9. I like to drink _____.
  10. I like to eat _____.
  11. I like to watch _____.
  12. I go to _____ on the weekend.
  13. I do not like _____.
  14. My house is in _____ and (something that describes your house).
  15. In my room _____/ there is _____, and there is _____.
  16. I have a car and (something that describes your car) or I do not have a car.
  17. I want _____.


  1. Plan carefully and take your time. Write down all vocabulary you think you will need for the presentation. Make use of as much vocabulary as possible adding various adjectives, verbs, and nouns when necessary.
  2. Construct your sentences, varying their structure, and choose appropriate adjectives for them.
  3. Draft them in your paper notebook and rehearse. Read them several times so you do not sound like you’re reading when you record.
  4. Create some visuals, if possible, on a PowerPoint. These can be cartoon and not necessarily something real.
  5. You have the option of using the record option in PowerPoint slides using the “Insert Audio” option; this is a handy method. You may also use Zoom>Share Screen>Record. Another basic way is to use PowerPoint on your computer and record the screen with your phone while you speak and flip through the slides.
  6. No fancy video is required. Go with the basics: Zoom or just a PowerPoint with embedded audio segments. Go with the easiest option. Your project file may not necessarily be video, it can be only a PowerPoint with inserted audio.
  7. Duration of speaking around 2 minutes is good.
  8. You may share a YouTube link, a link from Google Drive, or any other possible sharing method.


You can submit the link for your project below:


Or record your narration here:

Key Takeaways

  • Move on to Lesson 5.



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