Teaching and Learning

The classroom remains the most radical space of possibility in the academy.   -bell hooks, Teaching to Transgress.

Innovations in teaching and learning mirror key conversations in digital humanities in fascinating ways. Moves to decenter and deconstruct intellectual authority, critical questioning of what materials and methods are valued and why, examination of how technological use and modes of transmission are imbricated in broader ethical, socioeconomic, and cultural tensions: these questions characterize leading scholar-practitioners in both digital humanities and pedagogy/curriculum. In this section, contributors work at the intersections of these interdisciplines, charting specific strategies and materials to enhance teaching and learning. These contributions foster learning about the digital humanities per se, but also may shed light on how engagement with DH enhances teaching and learning more broadly.

A lesson plan provides instructors with a general outline for possible pathways in the classroom. A lesson plan often supports the development of teaching goals and learning outcomes, and provides a means to accomplish them in the context of the course. While lesson plans are not exhaustive and one size does not fit all, for instructors seeking a viable intervention in the classroom, it can be helpful to see examples  What follows are tested lesson plans crafted by instructors seeking a way to incorporate digital humanities tools into their classes. As any instructor knows,  in an adaptable and responsive classroom environment, everything does not go exactly as planned, but ideally, instructors and students learn together in the active making of shared knowledge. The plans that follow offer points of departure, remix, and inspiration that can be useful for teaching efforts.


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