Digital Community Projects

Building Community

The ability to bring together people around shared interests remains a central impact of digital humanities. The communities of practice facilitated by digital tools are varied and cannot be easily cataloged. However, we seek to highlight how this practice remains a central part of the digital landscape.

Black Perspectives: The Blog of the African American Intellectual History Society (AAIHS)

Black Perspectives

Black Perspectives (BP) is the award-winning blog of the African American Intellectual History Society (AAIHS). BP was an outgrowth of the AAIHS blog founded by Christopher Cameron in 2014 and like that original project, BP aims to provide scholars from a wide range of fields space to discuss contemporary scholarship. BP produces a wide range of content designed to bring the most current research about people of African descent to the public in the most accessible manner possible.

Get Free Hip Hop Civics ED

Get Free Hip Hop Civics Ed

Get Free Hip Hop Civics Ed

GET FREE is a multimedia Hip Hop civics curriculum for youth and young adults. Its goal is to introduce students to a national network of young community leaders, artists, and activists who advocate for social change and democratic inclusion driven by grassroots organizing. GET FREE is inspired by the exuberance, ingenuity, political energy, resistance, love, and DIY model of underground Hip Hop. Its aim is to push and extend ideas of democracy, citizenship, freedom, community, civic engagement, and intersectional justice.

H-Net (Humanities and Social Sciences Online)

H- Net


H-Net is an international interdisciplinary organization of scholars and teachers dedicated to developing the enormous educational potential of the Internet and the World Wide Web. Our edited networks publish peer-reviewed essays, multimedia materials, and discussions for colleagues and the interested public. The computing heart and main office of H-Net resides in the History Department at Michigan State University, but H-Net officers, editors, and subscribers come from all over the globe.


Humanities Commons

Humanities Commons

HC is an open-source online platform hosted and sustained by Michigan State University and used by thousands of humanities scholars and practitioners worldwide. HC facilitates communication and collaboration among humanities scholars and practitioners.


Zora! Festival 2020-2024 Afrofuturism Conference Cycle

Zora! Festival 2020-2024 Afrofuturism Conference Cycle

Hosted by the University of Central Florida Showcase of Text, Archives, Research,  and Scholarship (STARS), this sites provides a collection of open educational resources and an open-access syllabus inspired by the Zora Neale Hurston Festival of the Arts & Humanities  Afrofuturism Conference Cycle.




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