Student Authors

Students were given varied options regarding their connection to their published reflections as some in our shared society still oppose and marginalize certain groups and their cultural practices. Some students chose to include their names, while others decided to use an abbreviated version of their name or a pseudonym. A few students did not want their names included in this co-authors’ page. All students’ choices were respected and applied.

Jennifer Kathleen

Annie N.

Jesse Fannon

A. Parsons

Morgan Nolan

Greg Needham


Rachel Provo

David Auer

Kayla Arthur

Graham MacBride

Delvon Works

Tim Wurster

Heather Thomas

Lauren McCliment


Audrey Lovett

Taylor Hope Rager

Emily Crawford

Abbie Alati

Olivia Bloway

Brandon Motoligin

Monica Dostert

Isaiah Johns

Alan Shulman

Zoe Kernohan

Sarah Price

Courtney List

Joey Callahan

Frank Wulff

Chris Valade

Jeffrey Allor


Isabella Legarza

Rachel Paulson

Triniti Watson

Alyssa Anderson


Heather Burke

Alyssa Neamos



Antonio Ellis

Mack Daniels

Lauren Lentini

Isabella C.

Makayla Popma

Arpitha Gowda

Julia Pruett


  1. Student authors are not listed in the order of chapters’ reflection narratives.


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