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The cover art and images in this OER were created by Courtney List. Courtney is a senior at Michigan State University with a primary major in Psychology, an additional major in Interdisciplinary Studies in Social Science with a concentration in Health and Society, and a minor in Human Behavior and Social Services. Her post-graduation career focus is on program evaluation. During her sophomore year at MSU, Courtney participated in a beginner’s drawing course where she sharpened her drawing and design skills. From this class, she was given the opportunity to create drawings that were placed on quilts for the Teal Quilt Project, a service project directed toward supporting and comforting victims of sexual assault, specifically those of Larry Nassar. In addition, one of the portraits Courtney created for that drawing class was featured in the 2019 Department of Art, Art History, and Design Undergraduate Exhibition held at (SCENE) Metrospace. Courtney continues freelance work in cartoon design.


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