This project would not have been possible without the cooperation of Kathleen Fitzpatrick, Rob Nelson, Sharon Leon, Kathryn Tomasek, Maryemma Graham, Hilary Green, Dhanashree Thorat, Roopika Risam, Amy Derogatis, Brooks Hefner, Robert Cassanello, Laurie Taylor, Connie Lester, Christina Boyles, and Kristin Arola. Their gracious willingness to speak with me opened the door to creating this e-publication. They were kind to share their time and knowledge with me and provide permission to create this volume.

I always planned for a “final” project connected to the second season of Reframing History. Yet, the final form it took is mainly due to the great work of  Dr. Samantha Cutrara. I’m grateful to her for including me in her  Imagining a New “We” video blog. The video series she created mirrored my own as she sought to deal with a specific question and reached out to scholars to get their views.  While my plans for Reframing History’s summative object included some form of archive, talking with Dr. Cutrara and seeing the model she created allowed me to envision a different use for the elements I already created for the podcast.

I’m grateful to my colleagues in the Department of English at Michigan State University for recognizing the value of podcasting as digital humanities work in our conversations within the department.  I would not have finished this project without my colleague’s support in the Consortium for Critical Diversity in Digital Age Research (CEDAR). They are always amazing sounding boards, sources of knowledge, and cheerleaders.  It has been my experience that library colleagues’ support can be a crucial factor in the success of a DH project. This project is no different. For me, I’m especially lucky because Regina Gong, the Open Educational Resources (OER) & Student Success Librarian at the Michigan State University Libraries, was gracious enough to explain the OER infrastructure within the library and provide support to create this volume. As is the way of all things digital, collaboration is at the heart of the project and I’m thankful for the many people who helped make this possible.


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