H5P activities list

ID Title Activity type View
1Nature of Science StatementsQuestion Set
2Nature of Science: FlowchartImage Hotspots
3Nature of Science: How Science WorksInteractive Video
4Scientific Controversies Initial QuestionTrue/False Question
5Scientific Controversies ScenariosSingle Choice Set
6Scientific Controversies: Laws, Theories, and HypothesesSingle Choice Set
7Nature of Science: Application PracticeInteractive Video
8Communication: Popular, Scholarly, or Trade ArticlesInteractive Video
9Communication: The Facts about Fact CheckingInteractive Video
10Communication: Evaluating EvidenceInteractive Video
11Information Communication: HeadlinesInteractive Video
12Communication: Article AnalysisImage Hotspots
13Communication: Scientific CommunityAccordion
14Stakeholders: TypesAccordion
15Biodiversity: Ecosystem servicesInteractive Video
16Biodiversity: Global DistributionInteractive Video
17Biodiversity: EcosystemsInteractive Video
18Biodiversity: Threats to BiodiversityInteractive Video
19Biodiversity: Three LevelsAccordion
20Biodiversity: Saving BiodiversityInteractive Video
21Biodiversity: Species richnessMultiple Choice
22Biodiversity: AmphibiansImage Juxtaposition
23Biodiversity: MammalsImage Juxtaposition
24Biodiversity: BirdsImage Juxtaposition
25Biodiversity: Marine FishImage Juxtaposition
26Biodiversity: CoralsImage Juxtaposition
27Biodiversity: Marine PlantsImage Juxtaposition
28Population: DefinitionMultiple Choice
29Population: GraphingQuestion Set
30Population: Graph typesQuestion Set
31Ecology: LevelsImage Hotspots
32Population: ModelsImage Hotspots
33Population: Seal Population GrowthMultiple Choice
34Population: Seal Carrying CapacityMultiple Choice
35Population: Growth FactorsAccordion
36Population: Factor ExamplesDrag and Drop
37Population: Conservation VideoInteractive Video
38Population: Carrying CapacityQuestion Set
39Population: Human PopulationInteractive Video
40Evolution: Rock Pocket MiceInteractive Video
41Evolution: ScaleAccordion
42Evolution: MechanismsAccordion
43Evolution: Mechanisms QuizQuestion Set
44Evolution: Mechanisms Matching GameMemory Game
45Evolution: Source of Genetic VariationMultiple Choice
46Evolution: SpeciationInteractive Video
47Phylogenetic Trees: Understanding PhylogeniesImage Hotspots
48Phylogenetic Tree- basicImage Hotspots
49Phylogenetic Tree- 3 domainsImage Hotspots
50Phylogenetic Tree Split 5 speciesDrag and Drop
51Phylogenetic Tree QuizQuestion Set
52Phylogenetic Tree Split c 5 speciesDrag and Drop
53Phylogenetic Tree Split b 5 speciesDrag and Drop
54Phylogenetic Tree Simple 5 speciesDrag and Drop
55Phylogenetic Tree Simple 5 speciesDrag and Drop
56Phylogentic trees- which ones are correct?Drag and Drop
57Proteins: StructureInteractive Video
58Proteins: Types and FunctionsAccordion
59DNA RNA Proteins: DNA & RNA FeaturesFill in the Blanks
60DNA RNA Proteins: BasesDrag and Drop
61DNA RNA Proteins: TranscriptionDrag and Drop
62Proteins: Structure LevelsImage Hotspots
63Proteins: Amino AcidSingle Choice Set
64DNA RNA Proteins: Base BindingDrag Text
65DNA RNA Proteins: Gene StructureImage Hotspots
66DNA RNA Proteins: Gene Structure QuizQuestion Set
67DNA RNA Proteins: CodonsInteractive Video
68DNA RNA Proteins: Codon ChartCourse Presentation
69Communication: Popular, Scholarly, or Trade ArticlesInteractive Video
70Transcription: Basic ProcessInteractive Video
71Transcription: Basic Process StepsImage Sequencing
73Transcription: PolymeraseCourse Presentation
74Transcription: RegulationInteractive Video
76Transcription: SticklebackInteractive Video
77Transcription: Detailed StepsInteractive Video
78Transcription: Simulation QuizQuestion Set
79mRNA Processing: SplicingInteractive Video
80mRNA Processing: Splicing gameDrag and Drop
81mRNA Processing: Alternative Splicing MechanismsImage Hotspots
82RNA InterferenceInteractive Video
83RNA Interference SequenceMultiple Choice
84Translation: Basic ProcessInteractive Video
85Translation: Basic Process StepsImage Sequencing
86Translation: MoleculesInteractive Video
87Translation: Ribosome StepsInteractive Video
88Translation: Detailed ProcessInteractive Video
89Proteins: Polypeptide ExampleImage Hotspots
90Species Interactions: OverviewInteractive Video
91Nature of Science: science checklistAccordion
92Nature of Science: PracticeInteractive Video
93Scientific Controversies: De-extinctionMultiple Choice
94Scientific Controversies: CRISPRMultiple Choice
95Stakeholders: ScenariosInteractive Book
96Carbon: Systems Football ExampleAccordion
97Carbon: Systems DefinitionsAccordion
98Systems: Feedback IntroMultiple Choice
99Carbon: Systems ExampleCourse Presentation
100Carbon: Basic carbon modelMultiple Choice
101Carbon: Species ExampleSingle Choice Set
102Carbon: Carbon Flux DefinitionsAccordion
103Carbon: Carbon Cycle with SpheresDrag and Drop
104Carbon: Written Carbon CycleFill in the Blanks
105Carbon: Carbon Molecule Path 1Drag Text
106Carbon: Carbon Molecule Path 2Drag Text
107Carbon: Residence timeImage Sequencing
108Climate Change: Climate and WeatherInteractive Video
109Climate Change: Weather vs. Climate ExampleSingle Choice Set
110Climate Change: 5th Synthesis ReportInteractive Video
111Climate Change: IPCC AuthorsInteractive Video
112Climate Change: AtmosphereImage Hotspots
113Climate Change: Solar EnergyImage Hotspots
114Climate Change: Greenhouse EffectInteractive Video
115Climate Change: Modeling QuestionMultiple Choice
116Species Interactions: Food WebsInteractive Video
117Species Interaction: DefinitionMultiple Choice
118Species Interactions: ExamplesSingle Choice Set
119Species Interactions: Barnacle SimulationMultiple Choice
120Species Interactions: Coastal Species InteractionsMultiple Choice
121RNA Processing QuizQuestion Set
122RNA Interference: Basic ModelImage Hotspots
123Biotechnology: Defining CRISPRInteractive Video
124Biotechnology: CRISPR ProcessInteractive Video
125CRISPR StepsImage Sequencing
126CRISPR: MoleculesAccordion
127Biotechnology: Editing TypesCourse Presentation
128Scientific Controversies: CRISPRMultiple Choice
129Stakeholders: Types QuizSingle Choice Set
130Evolution: Fish PondMultiple Choice
131Protein Structure and Function: MutationMultiple Choice
132DNA RNA Proteins: TranslationDrag Text
133Genetic Engineering: TechniquesAccordion
134Library Search QuizQuestion Set
135Citation QuizDrag Text
136Climate Change: tv comedy videoInteractive Video
138Nature of Science: Optical Illusion White and Black GraphicBranching Scenario
139Nature of Science: Scientific Method and Article MatchingDrag Text
140Nature of Science: Scientific QuestionsMultiple Choice
141Nature of Science: Observations and InferencesBranching Scenario
142Nature of Science: ObservationsQuestion Set
143Nature of Science: ObservationsCollage
144Nature of Science: Scientific Argument DiagramImage Hotspots
145Nature of Science: Types of StudiesAccordion
146Scientific Controversy: Reduced Nature of Science StatementsQuestion Set
147Scientific Controversies: Biases ExamplesCourse Presentation
148Scientific Controversies: Community DiversityAccordion
149Scientific Controversies: Theories, Laws, and HypothesesDrag Text
150Scientific Controversies: Theories Laws Hypotheses ExampleDrag Text