This Open Educational Resource textbook on Elementary Chinese II is a continuation of my previous OER textbook, Elementary Chinese I. It is designed for those who have learned Chinese for one semester and would like to continue to learn in the second semester. By using this book, students will continue to develop their basic conversational Chinese skills, expand their vocabulary words, and acquire relevant knowledge about Chinese culture and customs. Simplified Chinese is used throughout the book.

This book has six chapters, each focusing on one main topic. In each chapter, there are two dialogues/narrations addressing a sub-topic from different perspectives. For example, in Chapter 8, Dialogue 1 is a conversation between parents and their daughter as they discuss school life from the parents’ perspectives; Dialogue 2 is a narrative letter which talks about school life from the student’s perspective. By learning both texts, learners will be able to describe their school life to different audiences in different formats. In addition, they will learn related culture knowledge such as writing a letter in Chinese. Chapter 9 involves going shopping, where students will learn how to buy things in stores and online. Chapter 10 discusses basic transportation means, such as traveling by bus and subway. Chapter 11 talks about weather and climates in China. By learning this chapter, students will be able to report weather conditions and describe climate changes in Chinese. Chapter 12 is about ordering food in Chinese, where students will learn some basic expressions that they can use in Chinese restaurants. Chapter 13 involves asking and giving directions in Chinese.


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