5.6 Vowel Symbols: ំ/ ​ុំ/ ះ/​  ុះ

Vowel Symbols with Phonetic Scripts:

The vowel symbols listed in the Table 1 have long sounds. The vowel symbols are placed in different positions as shown in the table. However, the consonant sounds always precede the vowel sound.

Use the audio and Table 1 to learn how to pronounce the vowel symbols.

Table 1
No. Vowel Symbol Phonetic Script Rhymes With Example
1 ំ (short sound) /ɔm/ complete ខំ​ (to try hard)
2 ុំ (short sound) /om/ dome (with short vowel sound) ដុំ (piece)
3 ះ (short sound) /ah/ ask សះ​​ (to be cured/healed)
4 ុះ (short sound) /uh/ toss ដុះ (to grow)

1. Listening and Writing

Please record yourself reading the vowels out loud and share it with your friends/teacher for further feedback.

2. Writing​

Download the worksheet below to practice writing the first 6 vowels by following the directional arrows, then read each vowel out loud.

Worksheet 1


3. Reading and Writing

Provide words that make complete and meaningful sentences and then compare with your friends. An example is provided. The list of vocabulary you have learned is provided in the link below to help you with this exercise.

List of vocabulary

Example: សុខសង់ _____។

Answer: សុខ​សង់ទូក។ “Sok builds a boat.”

1. សេះចង់ផឹក____។
2. ចៅចង់ផឹក_____។
3. ចៅខំបឺត____។
4. តាសុំដាំ_____​។
5. ចៅបេះចេក____។



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